Bicycle Maintenance Schedule


Before Every Ride

The following is a list of basic pre-ride checks that every rider should complete before heading out.

  • Check tire pressure and inspect the tire. Remove any stones caught in the tread. (an under-inflated tire is the most common cause of tire failure)(min. and max. tire pressure is indicated on the sidewall of the tire).
  • Make sure that the chain is properly lubricated. (NEVER oil a dirty chain, clean it first)
  • Make sure that front and rear brakes grab firmly.
  • Make sure the wheels are centered in the frame and that the quick releases are firmly closed.
  • Check that the brakes are properly aligned with the wheel rim and that the pads are in good condition.
  • Check hydraulic brake lines for kinks or splits. (applies to disk brakes only)
  • Bounce the bike to detect rattles that might indicate loose or mis-adjusted parts.
  • Squeeze the front hand brake hard and rock the bike forward and back. This will reveal a loose headset.
  • Spin each wheel with a finger on the axle. A slight vibration as the wheel spins may indicate that your wheel bearings need attention. Listen carefully as well. A rubbing sound may indicate that the wheel is out of true and is “kissing “ the brake pad.
  • Make sure that your handle bars are tight, but not so tight that they won’t move in a fall. The weight of a rider falling on the bars should move the bars before the bar ends do any damage to the rider.
  • Make sure that bags and panniers are secure and that no loose straps can get caught in the wheels.
  • Check that your air pump and repair kit are present and complete.