Basic Tool Kit


Basic Bicycle Repair Kit

Here are the tools that make up a basic repair kit and the ones marked with an asterisk should be carried at all times. If you are riding in a small group (or alone) you should have at least one complete repair kit with you at all times.

  • Spare tube of the appropriate size for your bicycle*
  • Tube patch kit *(contains patches, glue, and sandpaper. Check the glue frequently since it tends to dry out once opened)
  • Tire boots (a piece of inner tube will work in a pinch)
  • Tire levers*
  • Frame style air pump, mini pump or CO2 cartridge inflator* (set up to fit your type of valve stem)
  •  Hex keys of 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6&8mm; chain tool, flat & Phillips screwdrivers, T-25 torx key, spoke wrench, 8 & 10mm open end wrenches (an all-in-one multi tool contains most of these items)
  •  Small length of wire and some electrical tape
  •  Emergency money*
  • Identification*
  • Cell phone*
  • First aid kit*