Cycling and Making Friends Since 1997

The origins of the Haliburton Real Easy Ryders Cycling Club date back to 1997 when a group of 8 friends got together to ride. By the following year, this friendly group of riders had grown to 30 cyclists, and the Highlands Cycling Club was born. Over the next several years, interest in cycling grew in Haliburton Highlands and by 2005, the little cycling club had grown to over 100 members. It was at that time, that the club was incorporated as a non-profit organization and named Haliburton Real Easy Ryders Cycling Club.

What began as an informal group of friends meeting weekly for a ride, has grown into a cycling club of 150+ enthusiastic cyclists, with three rides per week, two organized trips per year and special events throughout the season. While the club has grown in size, what our members value most has always remained the same — riding with friends and having fun!

In keeping with the original intent of encouraging friends to ride together, our mission is to promote recreational cycling in a non-competitive, friendly, and  social atmosphere. Not surprisingly, a Nobody gets left behind policy has evolved. We aren’t a serious racing club with high speed pace lines and time  trials. We’re a super friendly group of riders who enjoy cycling for fun and fitness.

Our Board

LeeAnn Cruz – President
Robin Bell – Immediate Past President
Bob Hall – Treasurer
Chris Whittemore – Director at Large
Joanne Hale – Secretary
Lena Fontaine — Membership Coordinator
Dave Northcote – Ride Coordinator
Pamela Boyce – Activities Coordinator
Leslie Brown – Safety & Risk Coordinator
Alan Harvie – Website Coordinator