President’s Message


Message From The HRER President:

As I write this, the temperature outside is -26C before wind chill and the forecast is for the heaviest snowfall of the season so far. Already we have seen lots of snow, quick thaw, freezing rain, rain and deep freeze again. Although many of us enjoy the snowshoeing, skiing, skating etc. of the season , one can’t help but let the mind wander to warm summer days when we can all just ride together, with gentle breezes, flat roads (and just a few hills too), through the forests and alongside the lakes of Haliburton County and places beyond!

Our member registration for the 2020 season will be on-line only, via this website in the second half of February, by which time our website will also be updated for the new season. We can no longer accept manual registrations due to the fact that our registrations (and therefore payment, member information for distribution lists etc. is stored electronically).

We will start our 2020 season with our usual “Let’s Get Rolling” social event on the afternoon of Sunday 26th April at Stanhope Firefighters Community Hall, with the first Tuesday ride just two days later on April 28th starting from West Guilford Community Centre. We welcome both new and ‘potential’ new members to join us at this event, which will focus on the social aspects of our club, meeting old friends and making new ones, over coffees and treats. Also, on-line registration will be available (for those who are unable to do so at home without assistance) – bring your credit card! We will have various exhibits covering cycling and safety topics, our Facebook Group, Safety etc., as well as the ever popular running slide show of previous seasons’ rides and trips.

Our ‘guest’ policy allows members to bring guests, free, to one Tuesday ride and one Friday ride per season without joining the club. The member bringing a guest will be responsible for printing off a Guest Waiver and its attachment, the HRER Risk Management Policy, (both from our website), for their guest to read and sign. These should be given to the Ride Captain or a Board member prior to the ride.

We urge all members to join our ‘private’ Facebook Group, where not only will they be able to interact with other members, ask questions about bikes, biking and the club, post and view photos of rides, but also where they will see notices of interest to members, posted by the club. Important notices will, of course, continue to be sent directly to all members via email in addition to being posted on our Facebook group.

Should any member have questions or suggestions about HRER, please approach a board member directly or use the Admin email contact on our website.

Robin Bell, President